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The 5 “R’s” of Being Named in a Mass Copyright Infringement Case

December 19, 2011  |   News  

Lalchandani Simon continues its representation of innocent Internet users as it prepares to file on behalf of more Doe Defendants in recent adult movie “copyright troll” cases in Florida.  To help defendants that have been named in these proceedings, Lalchandani Simon has prepared the following list of “The 5 “R’s” of Being Named in a Mass Copyright Infringement Case”:

5. Resist contacting the plaintiff in an attempt to settle.  The plaintiffs engage in a complex settlement negotiation process and attempts to settle will likely cost substantial sums and fail to guaranty that the matter has been resolved.

4. Research these types of case.  There is a tremendous amount of information about these cases on the Internet.  Understanding the broader picture will help you to understand your situation.

3. Review the letter from your ISP (Comcast, Cox, etc.) to determine when they are required to release your information.  You will have to take legal action, through an attorney, before this date.

2.  Restrict your wireless access network.  If you are not the person who downloaded protected materials, it is likely that someone improperly accessed your router.  Take steps to close your network.

1. Retain an attorney.  You will need to take action in court and you need a lawyer to do that.  The law firm of Lalchandani Simon PL ( is experienced in dealing with these cases quickly and efficiently and will take the necessary steps to ensure your information is not turned over to the plaintiff.  Call (305) 999-LAW1 or e-mail

Lalchandani Simon is preparing to take action in the following cases:

Boy Racer, Inc. v. Does, Case No.  11-29024 CA 05

Boy Racer, Inc. v. Does, Case No.  11-32622 CA 05

Millenium TGA Inc. v. John Does 1-529, State Case No. 13-2011-CA-032619-0000-01

Millenium TGA Inc v. John Does, State Case No. 13-2011-CA-031922-0000-01 / Local Case No. 2011-31922-CA-01

Lightspeed Media Corp. v. John Does, State Case No. 2011-034345-0000-01 / Local Case No. 2011-34345-CA-01

Openmind Solutions Inc. v. John Does 1-313, State Case No. 13-2011-CA-032617-0000-01 / Local Case No. 2011-32617-CA-01