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Lalchandani Simon PL Co-Founder Kubs Lalchandani to Present at Miami Social Media Strategies Summit

May 10, 2012  |   News  

Lalchandani Simon PL Co-Founder Kubs Lalchandani will be speaking on the pitfalls of global social media marketing strategies at the Social Medial Strategies Summit Miami 2012 running from June 12-14, 2012.  Lalchandani’s presentation, entitled Global Brand Disasters: A Love Story, will be co-presented by Gary Bahadur, CEO of KRAA Security and author of Securing the Clicks.  The presentation is designed to  highlight for the audience: (1) illustrations of how global brands have targeted specific market segments; (2) mistakes global brands have made to their reputation through social media; and (3) legal and technical developments that should guide reputation risk management.  The presentation explores a current collection of real-world legal decisions and global case studies that illustrate the dos and don’ts of online strategies.  Details of the summit can be found at

Kubs Lalchandani, co-founder and partner of Lalchandani Simon PL, focuses his practice in the areas of cyber and social media law. He counsels clients in various industries including healthcare, technology, finance, law, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, marketing and advertising.  As a successful entrepreneur, counsel for high-tech firms and former international litigator, Lalchandani brings to the practice a wealth of knowledge that enables him to deliver successful outcomes for his clients. He is experienced in trademark, copyright, healthcare and general business law, as well as other legal areas related to the Internet.