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Lalchandani Simon PL Defends Cellphone Businesses Against DMCA, Contract, and Conspiracy Claims

February 21, 2012  |   News  

The last few months has seen a massive outbreak of demand letters and suits filed by cellphone manufacturers against resellers and buyers. These demand letters claim violations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), as well as inducement to breach of contract, conspiracy, and other claims based on the reselling of used phones and the “unlocking” of phones for use on other networks. These letters and suits allege violation of trademarks and copyrights owned by cellphone manufacturers.

Lalchandani Simon PL is prepared to assist businesses in dealing with these disruptive tactics and can help guide you through these troubling allegations. If you have been sued in these cases or received a demand letter from a cellphone manufacturer, you can call us at (305) 999-LAW1 or e-mail us at