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Lalchandani Simon preparing to defend John Does from new NuCorp BitTorrent Mass Copyright Suits filed in Florida (Case No. 12-00331-CA-10)

May 10, 2012  |   News  

Lalchandani Simon is preparing to file Motions to Quash to protect to the identities of “Doe Defendants” sued in a new cases filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court (the 11th Judicial Circuit), including NuCorp v. Does 1-451, Case No. 12-00331-CA-10.

The past year has seen a tremendous increase in mass copyright cases filed by movie companies against hundreds or thousands of nameless “Doe Defendants” by s0-called “Copyright Trolls.”  These cases are often used to force settlement payments out of potentially innocent defendants identified only by their IP addresses. Many of these cases settle because defendants are fearful of potential statutory damages and exposure of their identities related to these alleged pornographic downloads. Lalchandani Simon PL helps to defend John Does and maintain their privacy in the face of these overreaching mass copyright suits.

If you have received a notice from your ISP regarding this case or similar matters, and would like to speak with our firm regarding your legal rights, please call (305) 999-LAW1 (5291) or e-mail Our attorneys are ready to address your needs 24/7, and there is no charge for the consultation.

This new flood of copyright suits filed in the the 11th Judicial Circuit in and for Miami-Dade County, Florida include:

NuCorp Ltd. v. Does, Case No. 13-2012-CA-000331-0000-01

Patrick Collins Inc. & Malibu Media LLC v. Does, Case No. 13-2012-CA-001797-0000-01, Local Case No. 12-01797 CA 06

Patrick Collins Inc. & Malibu Medial LLC v. Does, Case No. 13-2012-CA-008861-0000-01